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Get your outdoor fitness fix and stay safe and dry with the Royal Life Saving Society’s tips and advice for runners and walkers. Every season of the year provides new and special times for us outdoor enthusiasts. From invigorating hikes in the countryside to scenic canal-side runs on crisp frosty mornings, fresh air can be as good for the mind as it is for the body. Which is why we’re teaming up with our friends at the drowning prevention charity, the RLSS, to highlight how to stay safe and dry around water during your outdoor adventures. 40% of people that drown in the UK never actually intend to get in the water Why runners and walkers?We love swimming, but our passion for keeping you safe in water goes way beyond planned pool swims. Not sure how this relates to your running or walking? We hear you. But you might be surprised to learn that 40% of people that drown in the UK never actually intend to get in the water. These are runners and walkers who slipped, tripped or fell while getting their outdoor fitness fix. Together with drowning prevention charity, the RLSS, we want to help
In supporting all swimmers to achieve their goals in and out of the water, Speedo works with charities and voluntary groups around the world to support and promote water safety. Just one of the groups making waves in this area is Safety When It Matters (SWIM Cambodia), a new charity committed to preventing drowning accidents in Cambodia. Why does it matter? In Cambodia, one child dies from drowni
The technology embedded within our new Body Positioning swimwear is made to push your swim even further. With strategically-placed compression to hug the body, the swimmer’s attention is drawn to their core muscles through the Power Form Compression
In an exciting new partnership, we’ve teamed up with global fitness trend, aquaphysical, to celebrate the launch of H2O Active, a versatile eco-friendly new workout collection for women to wear in and out of the water. Designed to do more, and with the environment in mind, the H2O Active swimwear range is made using chlorine-resistant POWERFLEX ECO fabric. This includes 78% ECONYL® yarn – a nylon
Italian fitness blogger Denise Dellagiacoma enjoys an aquaphysical workout at the swimming pool
British personal trainer and fitness blogger AJ Odudu focusing on her yoga technique in her H2O Active gear
As we become more aware of climate change, animal welfare, and sustainable living, we have started to make conscious decisions in our lives to do our bit for our environment. Ethical lifestyles don’t have to be left outside the swimming pool or gym, and at Speedo, we’re regularly working towards raising awareness of water safety, and the quality of the waters where we swim. As part of our new H2O Active swimwear launch, we’ve researched some fascinating facts about the impact of the fashion & textiles industry on our waters, and our wider environment. We are part of a growing movement to actively work towards reducing our carbon footprint, and we’ve included innovative Econyl fabric in our H2O Active range to go even further in our efforts to help the waters we love to swim in. Check out the infographic below to find out more!
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Discover a new way to work out in the pool! Wonders of Water Fitness While swimming usually provides a great opportunity for a cardio workout, resistance training is equally beneficial, which is why land-based trends such as Crossfit and TRX have taken off in recent years. Taking inspiration from such trends, it’s now not unusual to see swimmers using additional aids such as weights, hydro belts, resistance bands, and more, during a workout in the pool. The water adds to these traditionally dry-land exercises, by reducing impact from weight, shifting your centre of gravity, and providing an extra challenge - both to experienced swimmers, but also those hoping to get into fitness and weight-loss in a fun and innovative way. Many water-based fitness classes and trends to have recently taken over the swimming pool, and the reasons behind their popularity are clear to anyone who tries out a water fitness class. While water fitness class styles can be inspired from various disciplines, what unites them is that they combine other exercise with the power of water. Hydrospin: Best of Both W
Annie Emmerson is a former international triathlete, runner and duathlete (running and cycling). She retired in 2006 ranked as the world #1 duathlete. Annie now works as a sports presenter and commentator for the BBC and coaches a range of athletes in running, swimming and cycling. Read Annie's top tips for improving your running MIX UP YOUR ROUTE The beauty of running is that the equipment you n
Annie Emmerson: duathlon, running and triathlon coach
Annie in action
Run coach, personal trainer and author of The Lazy Runner and Tricurious, Laura Fountain, finds out why runners should be heading for the pool When you think of running, you probably imagine the breeze in your hair and road beneath your feet. Howeve
Laura Fountain, run coach and blogger at Lazy Girl Running
Make 2017 the year you achieve your goals, as trail-running journalist Kelly Lucas explains Whether you’re a seasoned racegoer, a weekend warrior or like to jog the middle line, so to speak, setting realistic goals is without doubt one of the best ways to get the most out of your running. With the whole year in front of you, now is the perfect time to set out your plans for the year ahead. Before
Kelly taking on the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc. It is a single-stage ultra marathon over a distance of 103 miles and is regarded as one of the most difficult foot races in Europe
The Speedo Fastskin racing suits are designed to take an elite swimmer’s talents, and push them towards their full potential. Still featuring all the unrivalled technologies that world-classswimmers have come to rely on, the Fastskin racing suit range for 2017 offers new colours that really stand out on the blocks. It’s no surprise that many of the world’s best competitive swimmers are big fans of the racing suits, including Olympic 50m Freestyle champion, Denmark’s Pernille Blume. Performance is key when selecting a winning racing suit, but style doesn't hurt either. For the fashion-savvy swimmer, it will be good to know that the new Fastskin colours for 2017 are right on trend, with bold lava red countering deep jade green, both colours inspired by the lunar eclipse taking place later this year. Electric pink motifs are also amongst the colours to be seen at both the swimming pool and the catwalks this year, while iridescent gold features appeals to the elite swimmer’s ambition and