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The technology embedded within our new Body Positioning swimwear is made to push your swim even further. With strategically-placed compression to hug the body, the swimmer’s attention is drawn to their core muscles through the Power Form Compression fabric technology, so you get the best out of your swim. What does “strategically-placed compression” really mean, though? And how can it help you? Compression Technology Our Body Positioning swimwear features dynamic compression, which is created through the placement of the Power Form Compression contours, creating increased compression in key areas of the suit and lighter compression in others. Electro statically charged silicon is used to bind the single fibre nylon to the suit, creating lightweight, compressive and dynamic contours. The Body Positioning collection focuses power, form and compression around the core to encourage key muscle awareness. High Power compression is created around the back of the suit using continuous and wid
Annie Emmerson is a former international triathlete, runner and duathlete (running and cycling). She retired in 2006 ranked as the world #1 duathlete. Annie now works as a sports presenter and commentator for the BBC and coaches a range of athletes in running, swimming and cycling. Read Annie's top tips for improving your running MIX UP YOUR ROUTE The beauty of running is that the equipment you need is minimal; shorts, T-shirt, trainers and a desire to run. The other thing I love is that you can access so many places y
Annie Emmerson: duathlon, running and triathlon coach
Annie in action
Run coach, personal trainer and author of The Lazy Runner and Tricurious, Laura Fountain, finds out why runners should be heading for the pool When you think of running, you probably imagine the breeze in your hair and road beneath your feet. However, a growing number of runners are ditching the pavement and hitting the water to try out the latest in cross-training exercises – pool running. The exercise involves running in waist-deep water with your feet touching the bottom of the pool or running in deep water with a v
Laura Fountain, run coach and blogger at Lazy Girl Running
The pool running kit: flotation belt and aqua dumb-bells
Swim Coach has arrived. And it’s about to revolutionise your swim training. Love swimming but need inspiration for your training routine? Wish you had access to elite-level coaching expertise? Meet Speedo’s Swim Coach: a library of more than 200 expert-designed swim training plans, ready and waiting at your fingertips. Search according to your fitness levels and goals, find your training plan, print it out and hit the pool. Devised by leading coachesOlympians. World record holders. Our network of coaches
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Swim Coach - Workout your way
Want to get fitter, mix up your training and avoid the dreaded plateau? It’s time to hit the pool and Get Speedo Fit. Whether you’re a runner, a cyclist or just love throwing heavy weights around in the gym, it makes sense to mix up your workout regularly to re-energise motivation levels and kick stale training plans into touch. Enter swimming. A great addition to any sport, swimming allows you rest actively, achieve a challenging full-body workout, improve your fitness, burn calories and recover quicker
There's fit and there's Speedo fit
Don't Just Get Fit, Get Speedo Fit
There's fit and there's Speedo fit
A collaboration with Richie Porte and Mark Foster You know us. We love the water! But we can also see the benefits of spending at least some time on dry land. This is why we decided to combine the best of both worlds and get experts in their fields to devise training plans that mean taking up the one, will help improve your performance in the other. For our first collaboration, we couldn’t have asked for two finer athletes than top cyclist Richie Porte and World Record-Breaking swimmer Mark Foster to create the perfect plans for you to use. Together, they’ll show you how quality time spent in the pool will equal performance on the road. How both your body and your mind will enjoy the benefits. And how you can just tweak your lifestyle to feel a whole lot better all around. Oh, and the other really good news. There are no hills in the pool! Prepare your body and success will follow Richie Porte has taken on the toughest of terrains and the best in his sport to become one of the elite c
Swim Coach - achieve your fitness goals
Born in January 1985, Richie hails from Launceston on the island of Tasmania, and as such, it was probably always going to be the case that swimming would play a major part in his growing up, development and lifestyle. FROM 3 SPORTS TO 2 WHEELS“I was a swimmer originally, and from there I went into triathlon. That’s where it all started.” At the age of twenty-one, Richie decided to focus on cycling professionally. IN AND OUT OF THE SADDLESo far in his spectacular career, Richie has not only won various titles but also
GOGGLESThe Aquapulse Max and Aquapure goggles feature IQFit technology, which gives a leak free fit and superior comfort. These goggles are also ideal for triathlons or open water swimming. KICKBOARDThe kickboard is an essential bit of kit for a cyclist taking up swimming. It helps you to focus on strengthening your legs or to perform active recovery. HAND PADDLESHand paddles are a great tool for building arm strength and improving technique. Richie uses these power paddles for resistance training. SUITSThese Speedo Fi
ON YOUR MARKS, GET SET...The aim is to get you using the pool to improve your cycling. Richie does it. And we think it’s safe to say it works for him! Now you can make it work for you. HARD CORE!Use the pool to exercise those crucial core muscles to create the perfect platform for improved cycling performance. PROTECT THOSE LEGSTake pressure off your joints by working them through the water. You’ll improve both your resistance and recovery and at the end of the day, your knees will thank you! GIVE IT A R
Swim Coach - Achieve your fitness goals
1. MIX IT UPAlternating your strokes, distance and routines while swimming helps you ensure that you’ll get an all-encompassing workout in the water. It also allows you to hone in on specific goals. 2. VARY YOUR PACEChanging your swimming pace, from relaxed to full effort, is the perfect tactic. This allows you to build up your stamina, helping you last longer and tackle various goals, such as shedding fat, improving lung capacity, and recovering from tougher sessions. 3. BUST OUT SOME KICKUsing a kickbo