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Speedo chats to Sam Branson & Lara Milward The first Virgin Strive Challenge took place in August 2014 and saw participants make the trip from London to the top of the Matterhorn, using nothing but human power to take them there. In 2016, the journey continues, as a core team of 25 travels from the base of the Matterhorn to the summit of Mount Etna in Sicily, once again using only human power. Over one month and spanning two thousand kilometres, the Core Team will be joined by up to 350 fellow Strive challengers, as they hike, cycle, swim and run their way across the Italian landscape. Recently, Speedo caught up with two members of the Strive Core Team; Sam Branson and Lara Milward, to see how they were preparing for the epic journey across Italy. How have the team been preparing for the swim leg of the Virgin Strive Challenge? Sam: Our approach to training is, "do what you can, when you can", and as much as possible, to do it as a team. The unusual thing about Strive is its multi-discipline nature: hiking, marathon running, cycling, mountain biking, and of course, swimming. We train with our swim coach once a week, (open water is preferable to a pool), do two sessions a week in t
The Strive Core Team (including Sir Richard Branson!) by the Italian Coast, donning their Speedo triathlon wetsuits.
Virgin Strive Challenge Core Team Member, Sam Branson
Speedo’s Claire Clough on Triathlon training for life The motivation required towards training for a triathlon varies from person to person, as everyone needs their own goal in sight. For Speedo’s own Claire Clough, her love for triathlon training stems from a “trigger”, something she claims that everyone needs before starting a fitness challenge. In her case, however, she had two; an opportunity in her work life, but that was aided by her own outlook on life in the face of her child’s illness. Claire, w
It can feel like one of the hardest techniques to master, but crack your open-water triathlon breathing technique and you’ll reap the rewards of a smoother, more relaxed swim. Discover how with our triathlon training tips. Choppy water. Wetsuit malfunctions. Rogue waves. Sighting. A kick to the face. Open water triathlon swimming is notoriously unpredictable, which is why nailing a solid open water breathing technique is worth its weight in gold. “A confident, controlled breathing technique allows you to swim relaxed,
Feel like your triathlon swim times have stalled? These simple triathlon training tweaks will help you streamline your open water swim. Get ready to reduce drag, improve your speed and conserve energy like a pro. Triathlon training guru and all-roun
Spice up your triathlon training plan and sharpen up your triathlon swim skills with our pick of technique-enhancing swimming drills. Triathlon training: Breathing technique Why master it? Open water swimming requires adaptability, and being able to