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When competitive cyclist Juliet Elliott accepted our challenge to start adding swimming to her training programme, she thought it would be a great way to exercise on her down days. And it would appear that swimming has brought some unexpected benefits. It’s been eight weeks since Juliet started swim training and it’s been quite the journey. From her first forays in the pool to taking on Swim Coach programmes, and dips in the River Dart to expert training sessions from record-breaking swimmer Mark Foster, the dedicated cyclist from Devon has come a long way. Speaking at the start of her training, Juliet said: ‘If I can do something that’s not cycling on my rest day, I can still be doing something that’s beneficial to my training regime.’ And Juliet jumped in feet first. She soon fell in love with swimming (naturally!) and it became part of her weekly routine: 'At first, it felt like something I was meant to be doing rather than something I wanted to do. Now I’m feeling the benefits, I’
Pedal to Pool episode 4
Knowledge is power. To fully enjoy being a spectator at para sports, you need to know your LEXI® Giles Long can still remember the moment it dawned on him. The decorated para swimmer had just won the first of countless major career accolades and was supporting a teammate in his own quest for glory. As Giles watched the event unfold, one question niggled at him: is para competition fair? ‘I was watching a teammate doing the breaststroke in the SB7 class,’ Giles recalls, looking back to his epiphany in 1996. I realised t
The LEXI® system is key to understanding para sport classifications
Giles Long, creator of LEXI®. Credit: Lance Worthington
At a time when athletes of all abilities are being celebrated, we uncover the amazing story of amputee swimmer Philippe Croizon, who has conquered four straits between five continents Dodging chunks of floating ice as relentless waves challenged his body and soul to stop, Philippe Croizon’s mind turned to mechanics. ‘One… two… three… four…’ he repeated in his head as the gruelling 18-month training regime he had just completed kept him ploughing onwards towards a dream. The quadruple amputee was midway through the powe
A truly inspirational swimmer: Philippe Croizon
Philippe in action
Cyclist Juliet Elliott shares her progress in the pool since her personal swim fitness lesson with record-breaking swimmer Mark Foster. ‘I was pretty unsure exactly what swimming could do for a cyclist at first, but that’s exactly why I was interested in trying it out (see episode one). I’m glad I did, as swimming now feels like a natural complement to my cycling and I really look forward to time in the pool. “I particularly like that swimming stretches out my body with long, fluid movements” ‘I particul
Juliet is clocking up the lengths wherever she can
Tailored workout for cyclists
Top tech site Wareable has reviewed our new Misfit Shine 2; the next generation version of Speedo Shine. This multi-functioning wearable tracks your swimming, running, walking and cycling, as well as your sleep patterns. Wareable editor Michael Sawh headed to London Aquatics Centre to put the Shine 2 to the test. Watch the video to see Michael trial the features, including the new software that allows you to analyse your stroke and also counts your laps to help spur you on. The latest Shine also has a ne
Speedo Shine 2
Review of Speedo Shine 2
Worth adding to your Speedo swim essentials
Watching from the sideline is sometimes said to be more nerve-wracking than competing on any stage. So spare a thought for the parents of the world’s top athletes. While the focus is on the competitors in their quest for glory, it’s worth remembering that no one gets there on their own. So what advice do parents of some of Team Speedo’s swimmers have for the mums and dads out there, hoping to inspire and support their own top athletes? DOING IT FOR THE KIDS: The best tips and advice For parents, encouraging sporting success in children is a mixture of supporting them in their choices and promoting a positive mental attitude but equally, parents need to be sure to manage their own expectations. For John Cochrane, dad to 1,500m and 400m swimmer Ryan, it’s about giving budding athletes the freedom to chase their own successes: ‘Let them try numerous sports and allow them to pursue their dreams, not those of the parent. Remember, a superstar at eight years old doesn’t mean a superstar at
1,500m and 400m swimmer, Ryan Cochrane
Freestyle and medley swimmer, Conor Dwyer
We challenged two self-confessed fitness junkies, accomplished in different disciplines, to a series of swimming races to decide once and for all. Watch how they got on... Speedo puts two fitness enthusiasts to the test in the pool In the blue corner – well, blue swim cap – top amateur cyclist Chris Hovenden is flying the flag for two-wheelers everywhere. A cyclist for Arctic Tacx RT Race Team and a contributor to Cycling Weekly, Chris is confident his experience in the saddle could make all the difference when he’s in
Swim-off: Hiit Vs Cyclist Part One | #WinningElements
Swim-off: HIIT vs. Cycling The Final Race | #WinningElements
Having challenged cyclist Juliet Elliott to add swimming to her fitness routine, discover how she’s already taking to it like, well, a duck to water. Since we met Juliet in Episode 1, and despite her not having gone swimming regularly since she was a child, she has wasted no time in testing our claim that swimming could lead to better results in the saddle. We invited her to the Pentland Pool in north London for a training session to help her get the most out of her time in the pool. What Juliet didn’t know is that we
Episode 2: Pedal to Pool
Ross Edgley, GQ fitness writer, performance coach, sports scientist and Instagram superstar shares his must-follow nutrition knowledge (plus there’s a delicious recipe at the bottom of the page for you to try). A good workout is one thing but the sports scientist in me insists that what you eat goes a long way in building a better performance. It’s entirely possible to eat yourself fitter. This sounds strange I know, but studies show everything from the intensity to the duration of your workout can be po
Australian record-breaking swimmer, Bronte Barratt, approached the starting block, blood pumping, arms swinging, shoulders supple. She felt fit and strong. And slightly nervous. The race was called. Suddenly she did three quick jumps. ‘Now I’m ready to go,’ said the Team Speedo athlete, as she stepped on to her block. ‘Pre-race routines and rituals like Bronte’s three jumps serve a common purpose: to build confidence. They also boost motivation, ease nerves, sharpen your focus and can help at various sta
Nathan Adrian, world champion and American record holder